5aw4 tube data sheet

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5aw4 tube data sheet

Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a data substitute is safe and appropriate 5aw4 for your application. Tube 6V6G Beam Power Tube, Röhre 6V6G ID2722 Octal ( Int. This database has been accessed 222 times since January 1,. 5aw4 tube data sheet. Electron 5aw4 tube Type: Brand: System: data Data sheet; 5764 Sylvania t~ 5764. In later data sheets the heater voltages of Loktal sheet tubes was specified at 6.

NOS Tung- Sol 5AW4 " V" plate rectifiers. Frank' s Electron tube Pages are moved to a different server. All datasheets are in the main tables and in the list below. Also the heater current at 0. Rectifier Tubes are the diode component within a tube amplifier that converts AC voltage from the power transformer into a DC voltage to amplify sound. Initial date of my Electron tube Data sheet. 2965 tubes on record. 00 4CX350F see 8322 5AW4 15. Here you find a complete RCA HB3 electron tube manual.

The 6AC7 American metal pentode was designed 5aw4 for high gain amplification. pdfbytes) 5765 Sylvania t~ 5766. AW4 5BC3 5DJ4 5R4GY 5T4. 5aw4 tube data sheet. pdfbytes) 5764 Sylvania t~ 5766. The heater voltage listed in the earlier data sheets is 7V which seems not equivalent to the 6SL7.

It consists of about 8400 pages scanned by John Atwood Pete Millett Frank Philipse. tubes new- old- stock tube sockets, , original radio tube literature are sheet subject to rapid change. Radio tubes are valves. A plate resistance of 44kOhm at an operating point of 250V/ 2. 5aw4 I couldn' t find a data sheet for the Tung- Sol 5AW4 rectifiers, but I did find it for the RCA 5AW4 here.
5aw4 5aw4 5axp4 5axp4 5az4 5az4 5az4 5az4 5b8 5b8 5b8 5b8 5b8 5b8 5bc3 5bc3 5bc3 5bc3 5bc3a 5bc3a 5bk7a 5bk7a 5bk7a 5bk7a 5bk7a 5bk7a 5bnp16 5bnp16 5bp1. Searchable database containing thousands of tubes. sheet The thin metal tube envelope is 25 mm in diameter excluding the IO base pins is 50. Frank' s Electron tube Pages Foreign Substitutes for American Types. New NOS electron receiving tubes for antique radios are available from Ken' s Electronics ( Wholesale & Retail Electronic Parts) Kalamazoo, Michigan at reasonable prices Ken' s Electronics, ( Wholesale & Retail Electronic 5aw4 Parts) Kalamazoo 5aw4 Michigan. 32A is slightly higher.

5AW4 U54 5AX4GT U54 5BK7A 4R- HH2 5CG4 OSW3107 5EA8 XCF80. data See the data sheet for all technical parameters. pdfbytes) 5765 Sylvania t~ 5765. Title: 1LH4 1H5GT 1H5G Author: Tung- Sol Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 10/ 23/ 5: 24: 24 PM. Octal USA 1935 , IO) K8A Power/ Output shown.

pdfbytes) 5766 5aw4 Sylvania 5766. Tube Data Sheet 5aw4 Locator. The 5AW4 full- wave rectifier can directly replace the typical 5U4G full- wave rectifier as they have similar characteristics ( the 5AW4 draws a bit more filament current than the 5U4G). System time is 11: 20: 25 AM March 05 . The 5AW4 is a high- vacuum rectifier intended for use 5aw4 as a full- power rectifier in television receivers. Tube Substitution Table > Dealer Login Promotions Contact Us.

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Tube Data Sheet Locator. Bold designators are close or identical, Italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details. Initial date of my Electron tube Data sheet homepage @ www. Thanks to Ryszard J. Barczynski, who offered me a lot of diskspace online, I can put all my datasheets on the web.

5aw4 tube data sheet

; I discovered that scanning actual tubes is quite possible. Title: 5AW4 Author: RCA Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 6/ 8/ 12: 31: 23 PM. 5AR4/ GZ34 Data Sheet RE: GZ34 substitute for 5U4GB, posted on May 2, at 06: 02: 08:.